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Soke A. Garcia is the sovereign president of the school, serving as its ultimate authority and guardian of its traditions and teachings.

Senior Advisors to Soke Garcia

Menkyo Kaiden
Shihan San Dai Kichu

The highest rank in Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu

San Dai Kichu adds strategic and psychological knowledge to the curriculum 

Kaiden Shihan

Kaiden Shihan translates to "complete transmission master" in Japanese martial arts. It signifies a master who has received the highest level of certification, encompassing complete knowledge and expertise in their art. This title is often reserved for senior practitioners who have demonstrated mastery over all aspects of their discipline and are authorized to teach and pass on the entire system to the next generation.


the title "Shihan" refers to a master instructor recognized for deep expertise and the ability to train other instructors, ensuring the art's continuation and integrity.

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